Growanizer is the new generation of smart sales for WooCommerce

Hello everyone,

We kept a little silent although the quarantine period for our company wasn’t relaxed.
We have worked hard on our new product and happy to share it with you.

During the years Custom4Web worked on developing many e-commerce projects and found out a lot of ways for smart sales, accumulated experience has allowed us to create a truly unique and useful digital marketing tool that we can use on multiple projects for increasing the conversion rate on websites, without buying additional traffic, we call it – Growanizer!

It combines many marketing features into a user-friendly WooCommerce plugin that we are going to develop constantly.

Create your own related product dynamic rules, use product finders, help users find products by attributes and all of these without coding knowledge.

For more details follow this link.

We provide a special offer of 30% discount for the first 100 subscribers. Just use the promo code: Custom4Web


Our premium WP AMP plugin became the market leader a few years ago and we keep developing it. Finally, we decided to create a lite version of it and share it as open-source software.

Hope you guys will enjoy this Christmas present and will be happy with the high quality of the plugin.

Looking forward to hearing feedback from you guys!

You can find the plugin > here <


Hello, our dear friends!

Hope that you are okay, full of strength and desire to work.

This week we decided to introduce you to our new product. It was something important and desirable for our clients and we agree with that too. Okay, okay… Won’t be mysterious! This is about our new product WP AMP ACF Add- on. Many of you know about our most popular product, I mean WP AMP plugin.

So, now we released the new product that is Add-on to the WP AMP. This plugin was created to displayed data from one of the best plugins for WordPress is ACF. Many people use ACF plugin on the websites and if you are one of them, then you should check this link.

Now, WP AMP ACF (Add-on) supports this type of fields:

  • text;
  • textarea;
  • number;
  • range;
  • email;
  • url;
  • password;
  • image;
  • wysiwyg;
  • oembed;

The rest of the ACF types currently not supported.

ACF is a powerful tool and now it can be used on WP AMP with the help of WP AMP ACF (Add-on). It’s basically a new way to serve super-fast, lightweight compiled versions of a webpage to mobile users.

Currently, only Post Type is supported on Location options. The Post Type supports such fields:

  • Post;
  • Page;
  • Product.

In the future, we are going to add different Groups and Field’s Type for the convenience of the use of our customers.

More features will be addedф in future releases and we’ll update you about it for sure.

We wish you all the best,

C4W Team.


Hi there!

We think that every follower knows about our popular WP AMP Plugin. But this is not our only product. Do you know about other plugins for WordPress from the C4W team? You don’t? Then today we are going to talk about Affiliate Links — WordPress Plugin for Link Shortening and Masking, namely about the updates that came out.

This plugin allows you to mask any URL to create and shorten any internal or external links. This plugin will be useful for masking partner links to affiliate websites. The full description you can read here.

What about the update of this Affiliate Links plugin?

We added the import/export function. It means that all settings and data that you need can be exported from the website on two popular formats CSV and XML. Also, you can edit the data in these downloaded files. After that data can be uploaded to the website and editing files will be editing and ready for comfortable using.

We hope this information was useful for you, If no you have to start using the advertising and Affiliate links 😃

Best Regards,

C4W team.


Hi guys!

This is a Custom4Web company here!

Do you remember our last promise? We promised you to introduce all our plugins to you in the nearest future.

So, we are here to present to you the new huge update to our WooCommerce Related Products C4W plugin.

Yes, from now our plugin has name “WooCommerce Related Products C4W” instead of the last name Linked Products.

Let’s get started😃🚀

The reason for this big updating was demands from users who asked a lot of times to implement the custom code for related products in WooCommerce. Now, these clients are using this updated plugin with all additional features and biiiiig pleasure😀

Why do we say “fully updated”?

Because of:

  • In the past for each name, category, tag, etc had to set a separate rule to show related products from the same category on a product. That means if you had the 20 categories you should create 20 separate rules.

But we created global parameter “all” and it solves that issues. From now it is only one rule. We offer you to try it now 😉. The plugin lives here.

  • The next updated related to the prices. Often the customers asked about the ability to display goods with a similar price on different sides. For example, the main product costs 80$ and the customer wants to show the related products that will be less or more than 20$. It is very simple to do, you just should set the rule with the range plus/ minus 20$! That’s all! From this moment the clients will see only what they should see. And of course, one rule can spread on all categories, product names, tags, etc.
  • Also, we updated the popular rule targeting SKU. Namely added the opportunities sorting product from one collection or with the same SKU number. For example, the 3 first digits match show the products with the same first 3 digits to the corresponding ones.

We offer to join us and split this enjoy with others.

Is it Magic? No, it’s Custom4web🚀

Best regards,

C4W team.