Search Manager


Plugin Installation

From Your WordPress Dashboard

  • Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’.
  • Click ‘Upload Plugin’.
  • Select zip-archive with plugin and click ‘Install Now’.
  • Activate Search Manager from your plugins page.


Via File Upload

  • Unpack zip-archive with plugin.
  • Upload the ‘search-manager’ folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, etc…)
  • Activate Search Manager from your plugins page.


Once Activated

  • Visit ‘Search Manager > Settings’ and adjust the preferences.
  • Check your search works fine and enjoy plugin usage.

Admin Interface

Plugin Settings:

Here you can configure search settings for your needs.

Adding New Search Term (manually):

Here you can manually add new search term. Also plugin creates new search term record automatically when someone searches through the site. The same screen you see when you editing existing search term.

List of all Saved Search Terms:

Here you can see all your search terms on your site.

Reports Screen:

Here you can see and analyze stats on your site search usage.

Plugin Widgets:

Here you can add plugin widgets to your sidebars.

Plugin Widgets

Recent Search Terms Widget:

Search Terms Cloud Widget:

Popular Search Terms Widget:

Plugin Shortcodes

Search Manager plugin provides with three shortcodes for embedding into the post content.

Search Cloud Shortcode

[wcstm_search_cloud smallest=5 largest=10 cold='CCCCCC' hot='000000' number=5]


  • smallest=”…” – font size for elements with less search results (optional)
  • largest=”…” – font size for elements with more search results (optional)
  • cold=”…” – font color for elements with less search results (optional)
  • hot=”…” – font color for elements with more search results (optional)
  • number=”…” – number of elements that will be displayed (optional)

Popular Search Shortcode

[wcstm_popular_search title='Popular Search Terms' number=5]


  • title=”…” – title of Popular Search section (optional)
  • number=”…” – number of elements that will be displayed (optional)

Recent Search Shortcode

[wcstm_recent_search title='Recent Search Terms' number=5]
  • title=”…” – title of Recent Search section (optional)
  • number=”…” – number of elements that will be displayed (optional)

Search Form Shortcode


Add wcps=’1′ parameter to the shortcode if you need to display WooCommerce search form.

Plugin Filters and Actions

Hooks in WordPress core, plugins and themes essentially allow you to manipulate code without editing core files. So you can change third-party plugin behaviour from your own theme or plugin and keep future updates as well.

Plugin Hooks

  • wcstm_custom_periods_with_results – allows to add/update report section data with results (Example #4)
  • wcstm_custom_periods_without_results – allows to add/update reports data section without results
  • wcstm_redirect_type – allows changing of the redirection type (301, 302, 307, etc.) before redirect is processed

Reports Filter

Let’s add custom statistical data to the report table:

add_filter('wcstm_custom_period_with_results', function($periods) {

    $periods['custom']['title'] = __('Custom period');
    $periods['custom']['start_date'] = '2016-01-02';
    $periods['custom']['end_date'] = '2016-01-05';

    return $periods;


Sources and Credits

We’ve used the following javascript libraries as listed.

Ajax Autocomplete for jQuery is freely distributable under the terms of an MIT-style license.

jQuery Validation Plugin licensed under the MIT license.

Can I use plugin without WooCommerce installed?

Yes, for sure.

Will autocomplete work if I have custom search form?

Yes, just setup correct CSS selector in autocomplete settings.

What is search term redirect?

This feature allows you to point user to correct page skipping search results. E.g. user searches for ‘iphone 6s’ and you redirect it to the appropriate page instead of showing search results by this query.

What is popular search terms?

This is a widget that shows list of most popular search queries on your site.

What if I need this plugin customised?

We can help you tuning the plugin up to your needs, or even creating a new one from scratch, per your requirements. Drop us your request and we will get back with the estimate shortly.

  • Fixed

    the option for opening two links.

2019-08-13 ver 4.0.1

  • Fixed

    Bug fixed.

2018-05-08 ver 4.0.0



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