Related Products C4W


Plugin Installation

From Your WordPress Dashboard

  • Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’.
  • Click ‘Upload Plugin’.
  • Select zip-archive with plugin and click ‘Install Now’.
  • Activate Related Products C4W from your plugins page.


Via File Upload

  • Unpack zip-archive with plugin.
  • Upload the ‘Related Products C4W’ folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, etc…)
  • Activate Related Products C4W from your plugins page.


Once Activated

  • Go to plugins > Then WooCommerce Related products C4W > Find tab License and active your license there. You need to use your Envato username and the license code that you get on Codecanyon.
  • Visit ‘ WooCommerce > Related Products C4W Rules ‘ and add your first rule.
  • Check your rule works fine and enjoy plugin usage.

Admin Interface

Plugin Settings:

Here you can see all you rules.

Adding New Rule (manually):

Here you can manually add new related products rule.

Plugin Settings Rules:

Here you can configure all plugin options.

Choose products the related items will be displayed for.

Conditions and condition combinations allow you to narrow selection down to a specific range of products.

Choose products that will be displayed in the block.

Conditions and condition combinations allow you to the narrow selection down to a specific range of products

Display setting:

Adjust as you need and publish rule!

Publish rule if completed full customization!

Publish your rule.

Plugin Shortcodes

This plugin provides shortcode for embedding linked products block into the post content.

Linked Products Shortcode

[linked-products id=123]


  • id=”…” – ID of your rule

Plugin Filters and Actions

Hooks in WordPress core, plugins and themes essentially allow you to manipulate code without editing core files. So you can change third-party plugin behaviour from your own theme or plugin and keep future updates as well.

Plugin Hooks

  • post_submitbox_start – hooks to the submit box of linked products, can be used for adding extended components.

Plugin Filters

  • wcdrp_post_type_params – allows you to retrieve and update the post type parameters.

Disable plugin CSS nad JS

// Disable plugin JS
add_filter( 'linked_products_js', '__return_false' );
// Disable plugin CSS
add_filter( 'linked_products_css', '__return_false' );
// Disable Owl Carousel JS
add_filter( 'linked_products_carousel_js', '__return_false' );
// Disable Owl Carousel CSS
add_filter( 'linked_products_carousel_css', '__return_false' );

Sources and Credits

We’ve used the following javascript libraries as listed.

jQuery Repeater is freely distributable under the terms of an MIT-style license.

Chosen, a Select Box Enhancer for jQuery and Prototype licensed under the MIT license.

Owl Carousel licensed under the MIT license.

Can Plugin replace default related or Up-sells products?

Yes, you can replace default related or Up-sells products.

Is it possible to link products with lower cost same category?

Yes, you can select product by SKU, categories, price, product name, weight and stock status, same or any other categories.

I need to display only selected categories product as related. How can I do this??

In section what to display add rule, selected “categorines” -> “is one of” -> and add the category what you need.

What if I need this plugin customised?

We can help you tuning the plugin up to your needs, or even creating a new one from scratch, per your requirements. Drop us your request and we will get back with the estimate shortly.

Can I choose the number of columns for related products?

Yes, you can choose it in the settings of each rule.

Is it possible to create a rule that would automatically pick products that belong to the same category as the currently viewed product?

Sure, you can set up it by adding rule where the category will be displayed in the same category.

  • Improvement

    Woodmart theme compatibility.

2021-06-24 ver 2.1.8

  • New

    license domain;

  • Fixed

    update form with license.

2021-03-22 ver 2.1.7

  • Improvement

    shortcode positions.

2021-03-12 ver 2.1.6

  • New

    rule for matching items by titles.

2021-02-24 ver 2.1.5

  • Fixed

    a few minor erroes.

2019-12-09 ver 2.1.4

  • New

    compatibility with the WooCommerce Simple Auctions plugin;

  • New

    option to choose number of columns in slider;

  • Improvement

    slider design.

2019-10-09 ver 2.1.3

  • New

    updates through the admin panel;

  • Fixed

    RTL CSS.

2019-09-02 ver 2.1.2

  • New

    compatibility with Woodmart theme.

2019-08-19 ver 2.1.1

  • New

    global logic for applying rules;

  • New

    match products by similar SKU;

  • New

    match products by similar prices;

  • New

    plugin renamed;

  • New

    other small rules.

2020-08-05 ver 2.1.0

  • Fixed

    deleting process;

  • Improvement

    compatibility issues;

  • New

    matching products by titles;

  • New

    activation process.

2020-02-12 ver 2.0.0



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