Hi guys!

This is a Custom4Web company here!

Do you remember our last promise? We promised you to introduce all our plugins to you in the nearest future.

So, we are here to present to you the new huge update to our WooCommerce Related Products C4W plugin.

Yes, from now our plugin has name “WooCommerce Related Products C4W” instead of the last name Linked Products.

Let’s get started😃🚀

The reason for this big updating was demands from users who asked a lot of times to implement the custom code for related products in WooCommerce. Now, these clients are using this updated plugin with all additional features and biiiiig pleasure😀

Why do we say “fully updated”?

Because of:

  • In the past for each name, category, tag, etc had to set a separate rule to show related products from the same category on a product. That means if you had the 20 categories you should create 20 separate rules.

But we created global parameter “all” and it solves that issues. From now it is only one rule. We offer you to try it now 😉. The plugin lives here.

  • The next updated related to the prices. Often the customers asked about the ability to display goods with a similar price on different sides. For example, the main product costs 80$ and the customer wants to show the related products that will be less or more than 20$. It is very simple to do, you just should set the rule with the range plus/ minus 20$! That’s all! From this moment the clients will see only what they should see. And of course, one rule can spread on all categories, product names, tags, etc.
  • Also, we updated the popular rule targeting SKU. Namely added the opportunities sorting product from one collection or with the same SKU number. For example, the 3 first digits match show the products with the same first 3 digits to the corresponding ones.

We offer to join us and split this enjoy with others.

Is it Magic? No, it’s Custom4web🚀

Best regards,

C4W team.