Hello, our dear friends!

Hope that you are okay, full of strength and desire to work.

This week we decided to introduce you to our new product. It was something important and desirable for our clients and we agree with that too. Okay, okay… Won’t be mysterious! This is about our new product WP AMP ACF Add- on. Many of you know about our most popular product, I mean WP AMP plugin.

So, now we released the new product that is Add-on to the WP AMP. This plugin was created to displayed data from one of the best plugins for WordPress is ACF. Many people use ACF plugin on the websites and if you are one of them, then you should check this link.

Now, WP AMP ACF (Add-on) supports this type of fields:

  • text;
  • textarea;
  • number;
  • range;
  • email;
  • url;
  • password;
  • image;
  • wysiwyg;
  • oembed;

The rest of the ACF types currently not supported.

ACF is a powerful tool and now it can be used on WP AMP with the help of WP AMP ACF (Add-on). It’s basically a new way to serve super-fast, lightweight compiled versions of a webpage to mobile users.

Currently, only Post Type is supported on Location options. The Post Type supports such fields:

  • Post;
  • Page;
  • Product.

In the future, we are going to add different Groups and Field’s Type for the convenience of the use of our customers.

More features will be addedф in future releases and we’ll update you about it for sure.

We wish you all the best,

C4W Team.