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This week we’ve made a decision to publish our solutions that have done by us in our core expertise field. So, from today we start to publish some interesting cases.

Today we are going to talk about issues that we solved and now it used as a successful case. Have you heard about the popular payment system in Sweden named Klarna? -We learned a lot recently!

We got a project after another dev team. It was supposed to be completed and the main issue was connected with the match between Klarna and WooCommerce Subscriptions.

The plugin “Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce” which was installed on the website works with Klarna version 3.0 only, but our client had version 2.0.

We asked our client to request a new account 3.0 from Klarna. There are additional approvals from Klarna for recurring payments. First, you need to show that all works in the test mode correctly. We’ve done all the right steps, but it worked incorrectly.

A bit later we shouted “Evrika”! Because we’ve discovered that when subscription orders were creating they didn’t write recurring tokens. Only after fixing the issue with recurring tokens, everything started working correctly and got a confirmation from Klarna.

During these difficulties, we have learned a lot of details in working with this Swedish payment system. Will be happy to share our experience with you in case you have questions.


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