With the technological development business has changed its location in a standard office for the Internet. Now it is popular to earn money online and online stores can be a good alternative to a customary shop. Everything you need to start your own online business is to create online store. It can be performed with the help of a popular and free plugin WooCommerce from the creators of WordPress. Easy to use it can be configured to any taste and has a variety of optional add-ons to improve the store functionality. There are several steps to follow creating online store:

  • Installation of WooCommerce requires a WordPress account, where you find a necessary plugin and click the ‘Install’ button. Having activated the plugin, you will start the setup pressing ‘Let’s go’. There are 4 stages to go through;
  • Page Setup: The installer will ask if you wish to create key pages of your store automatically. If you agree to have such pages as the main shop, a shopping cart, checkout and my account (a page of the registered customer), it is enough to continue the setup;
  • Store Locale: here you should indicate the location of the store, currency to use, units to use for product weight and dimensions;
  • Shipping and Tax: If your store is going to sell products that require shipping, opt for basic shipping option that includes either domestic or international shipping. If you sell products in the states where sales tax is required, it can also be mentioned on your site. If you order the Woocommerce store here, you can get rid from the routine troubles.
  • Payments: the installer tells that both online and offline payments are accepted. You can use PayPal, cheque payments, cash or bank transfer. After you click a ‘Continue’ button, the setup will be finished.
  • Additional settings include establishing of the crucial for you settings of the store. For example, you can switch off the geolocation function as it may slow down your store, change shipping options, the recipient e-mail for notifications or create coupons if you wish.
  • Add products. It will be easier to find a necessary product if to search by categories, which you can create in the ‘Categories’ option in the dashboard. You can also add tags, description and pictures to each of the goods by pressing ‘Add new’. It is important to consider Product Data here as choosing a Simple Product you will see the basic options, selecting External or Affiliate product there will be an affiliate link created and it means that you sell products from other sites with a referral commission, while preferring a Variable Product will mean that there is an availability of the same product in different styles with attributes to describe each of them. Though the procedure how to create online store seems rather simple, it is impossible to omit obstacles if you are not a professional. The only right decision in such situation is to order a WooCommerce online store at the professional company to take the advantage of this profitable online business.