Growanizer is the new generation of smart sales for WooCommerce

Hello everyone,

We kept a little silent although the quarantine period for our company wasn’t relaxed.
We have worked hard on our new product and happy to share it with you.

During the years Custom4Web worked on developing many e-commerce projects and found out a lot of ways for smart sales, accumulated experience has allowed us to create a truly unique and useful digital marketing tool that we can use on multiple projects for increasing the conversion rate on websites, without buying additional traffic, we call it – Growanizer!

It combines many marketing features into a user-friendly WooCommerce plugin that we are going to develop constantly.

Create your own related product dynamic rules, use product finders, help users find products by attributes and all of these without coding knowledge.

For more details follow this link.

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Hi guys,

Today, we would like to share with you one more wonderful showcase of how we’ve digitalized one of our client’s business processes. Initially, the problem was that our customer has a pretty unique warehouse plus the sales workflows which obviously, at that time, needed to be launched in an online store.

Apparently, there are two ways of doing it:

The first one is that you can develop everything from scratch. It’s definitely going to be a unique one and what you exactly need, of course, hire the right developers. The problem is that it takes a lot of time and resources.

Another way of doing that is taking something that’s been already made and customize it to your own needs.

After a particular discussion, we decided to stick to the second approach just because it saves a lot of time and money. For the online store platform, we have chosen Shopify for its stability, fast-growing process and an ability to perform a high amount of traffic. We created a private app for it, that 960 allowed us to customize the logic and filters.

Choosing the right platform for a custom warehouse and the sales processes was more complicated. After a short investigation, we’d discovered that not so many services do exist for those operations on a market. Firstly, we reviewed the Airtable, which is a pretty good service, but we understood that due to its restrictions we can’t really implement some of our custom processes to it. Eventually, we came to an assumption that Filemaker that is rebranded as Claris, fits all of our requirements.

Working with Claris, was very convenient for us and we’d developed a custom interface, implemented all custom processes to it and even created an API that had passed all needed data from Claris to Shopify and back from Shopify to Claris.

Summing everything up, I’d like to say that those work awesomely together. Our customer has successfully achieved the needed targets and has saved a lot of resources using two well-known platforms.

Hope it was useful to you all!

Please feel free sharing your own experience with us using Filemaker and Shopify.

Best regards.

Data exchange


Our premium WP AMP plugin became the market leader a few years ago and we keep developing it. Finally, we decided to create a lite version of it and share it as open-source software.

Hope you guys will enjoy this Christmas present and will be happy with the high quality of the plugin.

Looking forward to hearing feedback from you guys!

You can find the plugin > here <


I hear how bad WordPress is from a lot of people. They say how slow it is, how unprotected it is, how bad is the database for scaling, I want to say all of it is true. But after delivering hundreds of projects, after meeting dozens of experts, after working with different technologies, participating in different businesses, I want to say next: no one will create the first working version of you your website faster and cheaper using other technologies then we do use WordPress!

Explain this is pretty easy, WordPress powers 34% of the internet in 2019, If you count only the CMS-built sites, then about 60% of them are WordPress, it was launched in 2003. As a result, it has more than the rest already prepared solutions, various plugins with custom logic, integrations with other systems.

How about page speed? Well, if you follow the best World’s practices during the development process, let your developers to do everything in the right way, following pretty common speed optimizing rules, then your website will be fast enough. We did it many times and archived 90+ Google page speed scores, even on a website where it was less than 20 at the beginning.

Someone will say here: “but it is still unsafe to use WordPress all my data can be stolen!”. Damn buddy, keep up to date your WordPress version and plugins, set some good security plugin like WordFence, set CDN like CloudFlare, use complicated passwords and keep them in a safe place, don’t hire suspicious developers and your website will be protected enough. If you still think that any WordPress website can be easily hacked, tell this to White House, BBC, Bloomberg or Walt Disney guys, they use WordPress for a long time.

And finally, the WordPress bottleneck is DB scaling. I totally agree that if you are planning to have over 50 000 visitors daily on your website, you should be prepared very well. And despite powerful cloud solutions, moving complicated logic to separate parts of your website, there will be a moment where to keep the high performance of your website will be very very hard.

But tell me please, how fast you can attract such a big amount of users to your website? I saw cases when people decided to build a custom web app, spent tons of money, time and even didn’t launch! If you just launching a startup, want to try your business model or building MVP the first what you need is to launch it! Money and time are vital on this stage. Of course, when you grow big and have enough resources, you can start rebuilding your website with some more modern and faster technologies but for most cases, it is not what you need at the beginning.

Take care guys, don’t waste time and money.

C4W Spirit.


Hello, our dear friends!

Hope that you are okay, full of strength and desire to work.

This week we decided to introduce you to our new product. It was something important and desirable for our clients and we agree with that too. Okay, okay… Won’t be mysterious! This is about our new product WP AMP ACF Add- on. Many of you know about our most popular product, I mean WP AMP plugin.

So, now we released the new product that is Add-on to the WP AMP. This plugin was created to displayed data from one of the best plugins for WordPress is ACF. Many people use ACF plugin on the websites and if you are one of them, then you should check this link.

Now, WP AMP ACF (Add-on) supports this type of fields:

  • text;
  • textarea;
  • number;
  • range;
  • email;
  • url;
  • password;
  • image;
  • wysiwyg;
  • oembed;

The rest of the ACF types currently not supported.

ACF is a powerful tool and now it can be used on WP AMP with the help of WP AMP ACF (Add-on). It’s basically a new way to serve super-fast, lightweight compiled versions of a webpage to mobile users.

Currently, only Post Type is supported on Location options. The Post Type supports such fields:

  • Post;
  • Page;
  • Product.

In the future, we are going to add different Groups and Field’s Type for the convenience of the use of our customers.

More features will be addedф in future releases and we’ll update you about it for sure.

We wish you all the best,

C4W Team.