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Our main towards are WordPress and WooCommerce. We really know everything connected with it. Also, we created and every time updating our products. Here are you can see the number of products and their rate More than 2 400 people bought it and use it with enjoying.

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Today we want to tell more about WooCommerce Subscriptions. This toward become popular day after day. It is not just about Subscriptions that people get used to knowing like product-of-the-month. This is the way you can improve your sales and take your residual revenue you can track and count on with recurring payments.

It so happened the past two years we’ve been working a lot of times with startups that had veeery creative ideas that we implemented. And below we will share information and our experience for you and try to approve you that subscriptions may be different 👇

First of all, the main advantage of WooCommerce Subscription there is the fact that it is not a one- time purchase. So, you can get a revenue every month, decade or year. The second thing is the wide use in the product’s category. It can be magazines, digital solutions, software service or real products. Also, you can obtain new clients for long years. It will be people who are loyal to you. It helps to promote your business. This is the advantage of WC Subscriptions and usual using. But today we want to show other ways of using. We can even name it “Advanced Level of using”. Below will be some of the last cases that we’ve done.

  1. This website became very popular in Europe. The kit includes the simple product without subscription it is a razor and the subscription product is a blade for this razor. The main idea is to sell the razor once, but the blades for these razors will deliver to the customer every month. In the first purchase the cost of razor has to be charged already, but the cost for the blades it is recurring payment with a one month delay. This is one of the examples of work simple products and subscriptions.
  2. The second case is the “trial period”. In our case this function using as rent electronic devices. It is ideally suitable for shops with opportunities to try the product before buying. The different products can participant in renting, you should just reserve the product and snap your credit card. After that the product is sent to a customer, he has a certain time for testing the product and then a customer can continue using, buy the product or refuse the product by paying only for the trial period.
  3. The third example is using the third-party software. We will explain 🙂 The biggest WordPress advantage is that a lot of decisions already made for it and cost not much. But sometimes WordPress power is not enough for different cases. In this case, can help the third party software. The smart things what we did is make the website via using WordPress, users, their subscriptions and payments were done via WooCoomerce subscriptions and the VR software services with certain limits was provided via third-party software.

If you are a startup or a young company we will be happy to help you with smart and clear implementing your ideas in life. Exactly that case saved a lot of time and money for the customers and help to startup became popular and grew faster.

These and not only these features can please your eyes, website, and purse😉

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