With the technological development business has changed its location in a standard office for the Internet. Now it is popular to earn money online and online stores can be a good alternative to a customary shop. Everything you need to start your own online business is to create online store. It can be performed with the help of a popular and free plugin WooCommerce from the creators of WordPress. Easy to use it can be configured to any taste and has a variety of optional add-ons to improve the store functionality. If you want to have an efficient online store, it is important to take into account all the vital points that make it appealing to the visitors. WooCommerce plugin in the hands of professional IT specialist can make incredibly great things. What can your site obtain due to it?

Perfect Web Design

The visual representation of the site is of great importance for the attraction of more clients. There are various eCommerce templates on the Web with clear design and intuitive layouts. But the main features of a good design are a variety of images and minimal amount of text.

Contacts and About Us pages

Sometimes it is difficult to find both these important references on the website, but their availability is rather vital as it means that a customer is interested in your store and wishes to find necessary for him information. Both these references must be clear and easy to find as well as contain only such an amount of information that can be diagonally-read.

Trustworthiness due to the list your partners

Any company looks more trustworthy if there is an established reputation. If you mention your partners in the online store, it will convince a customer to part with his or her money easier. It means that you should provide links as well as evidence of presence of these partners.

Different Payment methods & Full refund guarantee

One of the features that differ an efficient online store from the fake websites is the availability of different payment methods. It is important to process payment in comfortable for users way as well as guarantee money back if there are reasons for that. The design of this area must coordinate all the customer’s attention on the payment options without any distractions that might make him change his mind.

Connection with Social Networks

There are great benefits for online stores if they are connected with social networks. It includes visitors’ attraction, their retaining and turning into regular customers. It is a perfect advertising platform the implementation of which is a must.

Possibility to leave reviews and ratings

Customers trust only those stores that have reviews of other clients. Such feedbacks only inspire for further cooperation. Other people like expressing their own viewpoints, so this functionality can be incredibly vital.

SEO-friendly and responsive site

SEO optimization is incredibly important for high Google ranking and the increase of site popularity. It is proved that 78% of searches for information about local business result in purchases. Another important characteristic is a possibility to view your store on any modern device – its great responsiveness is of great importance. All these important for an online store features can be created with the help of our developers. They know the peculiarities that make stores profitable and the only right decision in such situation is to order a WooCommerce online store HERE at the Custom4web company to take the advantage of this profitable online business.