Accelerated Mobile Pages are known as AMP in short and are considered to be a new concept from Google created especially for instant load of the website pages on the various mobile devices. Nowadays the majority of people use the Internet on their phones and to increase the pages loading speed AMP make a couple of restrictions to the functionality of customary HTML pages. AMP pages look different on the mobile screen as they are stripped down but still contain all important content. They might exclude some ads or have troubles with analytics, but in general AMP make surfing the Internet more comfortable and quick, but there are also some indispensable advantages for website owners. Why should AMP be implemented by our company? There are several benefits:

  1. Instant loading of mobile pages;
  2. Google ranking of AMP pages is much higher in the list of mobile search results and it is important for SEO promotion;
  3. AMP is an open standard supported by the most popular browsers (two latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge);
  4. There are plugins for popular content management systems that simplify the process of AMP implementation on each site.

AMP play an important role for WordPress sites as they will not function until a special module is installed on the site. All this is performed through the website administration. Though it may seem that AMP implementation on WordPress is rather simple, you must be ready to some unexpected surprises. When you install a module to connect SEO and AMP plugin you will see a variety of additional settings that can be hardly configured by an amateur. Moreover, it is important to check how AMP work on the site to avoid any troubles in future. If you want your WordPress site pages to load as quickly as possible, it is important to turn for professional help. Only experienced IT specialists are aware of the latest plugins that can contribute to the function of your site. If this procedure is done correctly, all the URLs on your WordPress website will have the second /amp/ version. There is a special meta tag added to the head of all your pages for Google to be able to recognize them. As a result, you will be able to receive all the benefits offered by AMP implementation one of each is an increased number of indexed by Google pages without making any additional effort.