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What’s in the Mix?

Mobile App Development

It's what we do best, it's our second nature. We develop apps for both iOS & Android.

UI/UX Design

We specialise in creating interfaces for mobile and web that bring a remarkable user experience. We have the skill and passion to design appsthat we know users will love to use.

Web Development

We have the know-how to provide a wide variety of person alized web development solutions for your start-up to stand out.

Our working process

Crafting the idea

Crafting the idea

From a complete business concept to a premature idea, our team understands your start-up stage and hops right into the 'shotgun' seat to be your tech & creative powerhouse. We dig in to fully connect to the core of your business in order to provide the best solutions. Our team and clients work hand-in-hand throughout the process to plan the wining product. Recipe for the perfect app: Architecture, Features, Behaviours, UX Flow, Specs, and a pinch of salt — all written down and ready for our designers and developers to start cooking!


Look & Feel

Look & Feel

We take the wireframe and specs and begin conceptualizing a design that will match your brand identity. We are pixel-perfect freaks, high-end products are our mission, and when we design UI it shows that. The app design is the gateway to your user's heart — a less than solid and neat design will not work. This is why it's our mission to stand out from the super-busy crowd.

Coding as a way of life

Coding as a way of life

We match the project with the right team. Now it's time to take the architecture planning and the design to build a high - performance app that will flourish on any scale or device. Our team works in a smart & efficient way alongside our clients allowing them to be a part of the process and to make agile modifications if necessary.

Touch-ups that makes a difference

Touch-ups that makes a difference

Our quality assurance team and development team work together throughout the process in order to make sure that your app matches your initial concept. We run a strict test and a tight ship to ensure that the product is ready to meet its future users.

How we help you

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One-Stop Shop for

The Moveo's team skill set allows us to be your start-up team. We offer end-to-end development & design services to transform your business idea into a successful product that will allow you to see results.

Your Extended
Development Team

Sometimes you just need to get things done & recruiting a new team member is not easy — especially when you have no time and huge pressure. We work as a super productive extension of your development team and help you thrive — especially under tight schedules.

We Take Over Tasks So
You Can Focus

Some tasks are not the focal point of your business. You need to invest your efforts where they are really needed— your core product. Let us do the rest — from creating mobile products, to web development, and design. That, plus a range of services to help your start-up flourish.



  • “We are very pleased with our new brand identity and the way Enrique conducts his business. It has been a great experience working with him and it’s already certain that we will hire him again.”
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    • Oran Goldstein
    • Founder & CEO - Woffice
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    • Oran Goldstein
    • Founder & CEO - Woffice
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    • Oran Goldstein
    • Founder & CEO - Woffice

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The Team

Your team at Moveo is a group of energetic development fundies who code day and night,
design geniuses who just have what it takes, product stars with a flair, and winning entrepreneurs.
We’ve been doing our thing for years in the world of hi-tech & creatives.
Combined, you get a diverse range of skill sets in one team that can provide
you with a really tailored solution that meets your needs.
You also get our knowledge, imagination, flexibility and… our bright “Yes We Can” attitude!
Ron Baranov Ron Baranov

Ron Baranov

Eyal Makover Eyal Makover

Eyal Makover

Guy Rubinstein Guy Rubinstein

Guy Rubinstein

COO & Product Manager
Matan Elimelech Matan Elimelech

Matan Elimelech

Tom Yagev Tom Yagev

Tom Yagev

Creative director
Oren Shany Oren Shany

Oren Shany

Ofer Dan-On Ofer Dan-On

Ofer Dan-On

Omri Poran Omri Poran

Omri Poran

Omri Poran
Amir Avisar Amir Avisar

Amir Avisar

Danny Ofir Danny Ofir

Danny Ofir

Duba Duba


Oren Shany Oren Shany

Oren Shany

Dafna Kovler Dafna Kovler

Dafna Kovler

Administrative Office Manager
Yonatan Cheluche Yonatan Cheluche

Yonatan Cheluche

Content manager
Einav Oss Einav Oss

Einav Oss

Mor Aviram Mor Aviram

Mor Aviram

PR Director
Zlil Zukerman Zlil Zukerman

Zlil Zukerman

QA Manager

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