Grab Bars = Safety


Grab Bars are safety devices designed to provide additional support to help you maintain balance, minimize fatigue while standing and assist you while maneuvering or transferring from one place to another.


Grab Bars are the first safety item most people turn to when looking to improve general stability in Bathtub or Shower area to help prevent slip and falls.


As we age and lose agility, bathing can be difficult. Falls in the bathroom, specially the bathtub and shower area, are the leading cause of injury. Grab Bars reduce the risk of accidents and increase accessibility and safety for people of all ages.


Grab Bars Installed near bathroom toilet will help people using a wheelchair or walker transfer to and from toilet seat and assist people with difficulties sitting down, have a problem while seated or need help rising from seated position.


Guardian Angel Grab Bar is a Proffesional Grab Bar Installation Company. We provide a Bathroom Safety Grab Bar Service and Solution for those with a variety of physical disabilities or mobility challenges. At Guardian Angel our goal is to promote and provide an independent living with an aging in place modification. Installing a Grab Bar is a practical way to stay in the comfort of your own home. Let us help you bring safety and a piece of mind into your life!

Grab Bars are not just for the
eldery or people with disabilities.
Grab Bars are a smart feature especially
for Children, Expectant Mother,
and those recovering from an injury or surgery.
Everyone will benefit by using one

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