We take into account your confidentiality seriously, so your privacy for us is an important part of successful cooperation. On this page you will learn about our collection and using clients’ information.




Non-disclosure agreement of Custom4web

  • We truly respect your independently and artwork and use your content just to achieve the goals you want to succeed.
  • Your copyright will always remain yours.
  • Our company Custom4web will not use your data for proliferation to other sites, resale or share this information with outsiders under any circumstances.
Our Custom4web team ensures that absolutely all of the information you provide to us for the work, including the author’s works, contact information, or client’s personal notes will remain confidential. We will never communicate with your customers or customers of your customers for personal reasons, because we respect your business.

Custom4web commitment to data security

To avoid unauthorized access, support the accuracy and truthfulness of the information and ensure the correct using of data, we enact the necessary and relevant physical, electronic procedures and management rules in order to protect and produce the security of data, the collection of which is carried out on our website.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about our work and services, please contact us on: info@custom4web.com

What information we collect

This notice applies to all collected information which is conducted and submitted on our site, including production orders, request a detailed review of the services and other pages. We gather following types of personal information:
  • Clients’ e-mails;
  • Specific requests or enquiries information;
  • Source files;
  • Following referral links via cookies.

Ways we use the collected information

Privacy that you fill out when ordering is used only to complete your order and deliver it correctly. We do not redistribute this information to outsiders. E-mail address that you provide on the contact form is used only for your order status notifications. We do not use this data for any other purpose and does not share it with outsiders. To improve the design and get simpler and better way sharing it by advertisers, we use only non- non-identifying cumulative information. As a finish result, we can say that we do not use or share private information, which we get online and is not described above, also we don’t give you the option to refuse or to exploit the data.

How you can access or correct your information

If you need to fix incorrect or outdated information in your personal data, you can send us a request with an appropriate error. To ensure proper confidentiality and security of your information, we have put in place reasonable measures that will help to identify a person before the entrance will be and client will get possible adjustments.