E-commerce trends 2017

All the retailers, who want to leave all their competitors behind and continue to develop their business, should take into account all the ecommerce trends for the following year. Only by doing so they will be able to increase the client base as well as profits received. Look through the main ecommerce trends that might be useful for businessmen in 2017:

Mobile technology will continue to conquer our world.

Mobile-responsive sites have already attracted such a number of people that one fourth of all the online purchases is performed through the mobile phones. According to the scientists, ecommerce traffic will reach 60% by the end of 2017, so each company must be ready to go mobile if it hasn’t done that yet.

Analytics is to be considered.

In comparison with old-fashioned descriptive analytics that reports on the past events modern business should focus on the prescriptive and predictive analytics. The first one offers suggestions what should be done next to reach your objectives, while the second one is vital for automating the marketing policy and increase of sales.

Engagement of customers

By engaging customers, you make them closer to your store. Nowadays more than 87% of customers prefer loyalty programs. Another survey confirms that top-notch services are of great importance too. The third important constituency is user generated content that might also attract more customers. Offer customers what they want and they will become regular ones.

Social selling is getting pace

Social networks continue to attract more new customers and now they are very often used for selling goods. Next year it will become even more popular, so you can also take advantage of such visual platforms as YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram.

Marketing automation

Modern retail now focuses mainly on software and telecommunication, so more marketing channels are going to be integrated. There also will be a shift in resources as app and email notifications become more and more popular.

Real-time customization

Retailers should offer their customers something new and inviting and unique experience is one of such means. Personalized content (recommendations, recent purchases, geolocation based on previous interactions) will make visitors stay on your site longer and encourage them to make additional bargains.

Voice assistants

Another popular trend that gains pace is the introduction of voice assistants. If your site is optimized in accordance with more suitable conversational requests, it will greatly increase the sales rate. The implementation of these trends is vital for the development of modern retail business, so it is advisable to turn for professional development help if you want to get the most of their implementation. Only highly experienced professionals can boost your sales by providing premium services and contribute to the development of your business.  


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